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MM5000 Tornado? Video Wall Processor

No frame drop 6.5Gbps serdes bandwidth for each input/output signal, FPGA line speed processing without any frame loss or drop 4K input and output support Support Displayport/HDMI/Duallink DVI 4K,4K signal can be windowed, resized and pos

MM5000-L Typhoon?LED Wall Processor

Any shape you want Any outputs can be independently set rotation angle, any resolution, and the crop area can be any rectangular area within the input area 0-360 Any Degree Rotation The rotate was done per outputs, 0-360 degree, with 1 degr

MM5000-X Lighting? Hybrid Seamless Switch

True Seamless Cross-Format Switch True seamless switch without signal loss, all outputs can be scaled, Signal parameters of the incoming video may be adjusted, OSD added, Scheme management, EDID management and etc. 4K input and output suppo

MM5000-B Rainbow? Multi-window edge blending Processor

No frame drop 6.5Gbps serdes bandwidth for each input/output signal, FPGA line speed processing without any frame loss or drop No pixel loss 4:4:4 processing and pixel level quality maintain technology to make superb display effect 4K input

About us
  • Company Profile
    Shanghai Mviewtech Co.,Ltd is specialized in Ultra-High-Definition multi-screen display, real time UHD image/video processing and transmission product design and development. with a number of core patents in UHD video wall, multi-signal management, innovative display, multi-projector edge blending and warping, active/passive 3D edge-blending, signal conversion and multi-screen expansion fields, Mviewtech is greatly experienced in high speed video port and real time image/video processing, and capable of the development of both chip and system level.
  • Orientation
    Shanghai Mviewtech Co.,Ltd, one video / image processor design and manufacturing company, in pursuit with professional display solutions, will continuously introduce breakthrough technology into ceaseless changing market in high sprit and creative passion.
  • Task
    Shanghai Mviewtech Co.,Ltd (shanghai Mviewtech), established in 2009, is one global company with offices and agents home and abroad, Mviewtech list in Shanghai Equity Exchange Center since 2014, the road is long, but we will always be on the way forward
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  • Room 1408, Zone B, No. 15 Changyi Road, Baoshan District, Shanghai,China
  • 021-66011776-8004
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